Aldo Lo Castro

Aldo Peter Lo Castro

Aldo is Head of Research & Development for Aliaslab Italia s.p.a,  and Director for AliasLab UK LTD.

He is a broadbased or multidisciplinary technologist, with an eye set on the future, and the other well focused on real field implementations.

Aldo has led some of the most relevant e-Signing projects in the last 5 years, mainly in Italy, becoming one the leading experts in this field. He is one of the main contributors to the IDSign e-Signature platform.

Since 2015 Aldo has been actively involved in several blockchain / DLT projects. Thanks to this experience, SignChain – An Advanced Blockchain Electronic Signature Solution – was devised, and launched last year at the EFMA Innovation Summit in Barcelona.

Now Aldo is a pat on the UK BSI delegation that will participate to the TC 307, with the goal of defining an ISO standard for Blockchain / DLT.